Weaving Connections

Weaving Connections encompass the interests and passions of it’s founder Kim Tait, in all that she is and all that she does; in the fields of Basket weaving education, Counselling and Doula work.

In time, this website will be updated to reflect all of the services offered not only through the weaving programs but also the detailed Doula and counselling services.

Kim is a highly skilled weaver and qualified counsellor, who over the past two decades has established a successful educational program that facilitates practical skills development, environmental and cultural conservation and helps build self awareness through creative expression.

Nicole Raward and Kerry Lord-Negas are multi-disciplinary artist who work closely with Kim on creative projects, workshop creation and their delivery with large groups, schools and events.

Weaving Connections as the name suggests, conjures the emotional essence of weaving the threads of connectedness and belonging, driven by the fundamental instinctive human need to connect to others, to self and to make sense of ourselves within the world. Positive interpersonal connections are also fostered in the workshops as we work, create and learn together in a safe and welcoming environment.  

Weaving Connections provide educational and therapeutic programs for individuals, schools, community groups, festivals and events. We specialise in practical skills development through education of local fibre identification, harvest, preparation and the development of useful skills used in basketry and woven arts; coil and wrap techniques, twining, rattan and vine basketry, natural dyes and more.

Our weaving workshops build a deeper awareness of ancient traditional practices, cultural diversity, and sustainability and conservation practices and foster connections to the local natural environment. Many of the weaving techniques can also be adapted to repurpose colourful plastics, cables and cords into durable woven pieces, raising awareness of and ways to minimise industrial waste issues.

 In addition, Kim is a birth doula who has provided  practical and emotional support to women through their journeys through childbirth for close to 30 years.


Biography - Kim Tait: Weaving Connections Founder

Kim Tait - Weaving Connections Founder

Kim Tait is the founder of Weaving Connections and is a skilled and highly experienced basket weaver, fibre artist and educator;  Doula, Counsellor and long term resident of Byron Shire. 

Kim has been weaving for over twenty years and shares her knowledge of local and introduced fibre harvest, preparation and use, coil and wrap techniques, rattan and vine basketry, twining, cordage, random weave, natural dyes and more with warmth and patience.

Kim holds a deep respect of traditional cultures and has a strong connection to the Indigenous people of the Northern Rivers. 
Over the past two decades,  Kim has studied techniques under the guidance of master weavers from Indigenous communities in Australia, Solomon Islands and Bali and continues to collaborate with a network of traditional weavers.
Kim's long established passion for weaving; for learning; for sharing her knowledge and fostering positive relationships with others led her to set-up Weaving Connections

Kim holds a Diploma of Counselling and weaves personal reflection and development opportunities into her workshops in a relaxed and safe environment.
She has many years experience working within schools to create engaging learning spaces for primary aged children and children with special needs.

Throughout the course of a life’s journey, Kim drifted into the sacred realm of childbirth and provides practical and emotional support to women through her work as a birth doula.
In addition, Kim creates sculptural wearable arts, and accepts orders for commissioned woven items. 

Weaving Connections gathers and collaborates with a network of skilled local weavers to deliver larger programs for schools, festival and events.

Nicole Raward is a valued facilitator who works closely with Weaving Connections at local and interstate festivals, events and retreats.

Weaving has been a part of Nicole’s life for the past 20 years or so. She  is a local artist who has made fibre arts her main focus for the past five years.
Nicole loves to create beautiful, functional, handmade items as well strange creatures and relief sculptures from the bits she finds from around her home, the forest, the tip and op shops.
To get a glimpse of Nicole’s work visit her Instagram @nikirayworld

‘The activities were appropriate for the different age groups and Kim bought both warmth and clarity to her teaching, gently capturing the children’s interest and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Kim and hope to have her back often.’ - Sheryl Harper, Chillingham Primary Art Teacher

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